About Us


Banca d’Italia’s CERT is a team of computer security specialists dedicated to the study and monitoring of evolving cyber threat profiles.


Banca d’Italia’s CERT has the aim of preventing and coordinating the response to computer emergencies, by providing a single point of reference for the collection, analysis and sharing of cyber threat information related to the Institute.


Banca d’Italia’s CERT offers its services to the Institute’s staff; all the Bank's IT assets fall within its scope.


Banca d’Italia’s CERT cooperates with other world-wide alike communities. Information exchange and cooperation on topics such as new vulnerabilities, threats, cyber attacks and new defense techniques are key to strengthening the IT security of its constituency.

RFC 2350

This document describes Banca d’Italia’s CERT, its services and contact information, in the format prescribed by RFC 2350 (html, pdf).