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Cyber Defense

Alerts & Warnings

In the event of an ongoing or imminent computer security incident, or in case of significant events related to vulnerabilities and cyber threats, Banca d’italia’s CERT promptly circulates to its constituency an advisory containing information useful for the response.


Banca d’Italia’s CERT circulates information about the evolution of cyber threats and defense techniques, enabling its constituency to improve protection levels, thereby preventing possible incidents and/or reducing their impact.

Incident Handling

Banca d’Italia’s CERT is responsible for coordinating the response to significant cyber security incidents, including connected investigative activities and support to its constituency.

Intelligence & Digital Forensic Analysis

Information Sharing

Banca d’Italia’s CERT collects, analyzes and exchanges information with qualified national and international parties, in order to increase situational awareness on cyber threats to which the Institute is exposed, to prevent cyber security incidents and to reduce reaction times in the event of an attack.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Banca d’Italia’s CERT analyzes, interprets and contextualizes rough data obtained from internal and external sources with the aim of profiling attackers in terms of motivation, opportunities and capabilities. This "intelligence" information is useful to anticipate and prevent potential cyber attacks against the Institute.

Artifact Analysis

Banca d’Italia’s CERT analyzes malicious code and digital “traces” of a cyber attack in order to understand the nature and dynamics of the event and to develop more effective prevention and response strategies.


Cyber Exercises

Banca d’Italia’s CERT participates in exercises and simulations of computer attacks, both internally and with other national and international parties.

Security awareness

Banca d’Italia’s CERT promotes awareness-raising actions in favour of its constituency, encouraging effective behaviors to prevent cyber incidents.